Post-Drought Reconstruction: Two Unqualified Dude Talk Buffalo Bills Football
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Actor Phil Burke and filmmaker Josh Folan are two dudes that have been watching Buffalo Bills football since the early 90’s, and now that the Bills have inched back into NFL relevancy, the dudes can’t hold their tongues any longer. The Post-Drought Reconstruction Podcast tackles Buffalo Bills football from a fan perspective as the team navigates rebuilding its legacy after two decades-ish of mediocrity.

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  • ‘The Big Game’ & Does Phil Know The Bills FAs? February 10, 2018
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    PDR dudes, actor Phil Burke and filmmaker Josh Folan, discuss new offensive coordinator hire Brian Daboll, Phil’s excitement about his Canadian roots, Zay Jones’ warrior mentality, and some defensive football players The Dudes would like to see the Bills take a gander at when free agency kicks off. Turn Back the Clock Game: 1998 Week
  • Intro to the Dudes & Jags Barnburner January 13, 2018
    PDR dudes, actor Phil Burke and filmmaker Josh Folan, introduce themselves and explain why, while they may be unqualified to analyze the Buffalo Bills on a public platform, they’re too emotionally invested to hold their tongues any longer.  From there the dudes break down the riveting match of wills that was the Bills’ first playoff