Filmmaking, the Hard Way
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A cynical case study of the feature film production of All God’s Creatures written by multi-hyphenate writer/producer/director/actor Josh Folan, “Filmmaking, the Hard Way” puts low budget filmmaking under the microscope by analyzing the process of making a film from top to bottom with an honesty and transparency rarely found in writings of its kind. “Filmmaking, the Hard Way” lauds itself as THE indie filmmaker bible for problem solving at the micro-budget level and is written in a voice intended to speak to the reader as a peer, not a pupil.


“Josh has spent months processing and organizing everything he learned along the way and turned it into a book that can help you do the same. This is EXACTLY what indie filmmaking is all about. You would be hard-pressed to find another book as detailed and direct about the costs associated with getting this process right, the pitfalls, the tiny windows of opportunity that you must recognize and act upon immediately…” – Ryan Gielen, Award Winning Filmmaker

“It will either scare the cr*p out of you or inspire you to get started on your next project.” – Robert MacMullan, Amazon Review

“This book shows how it all fits together, by providing a in-the-trenches view using Folan’s film as a basic template. There’s a lot of great advice here that can be easily extrapolated to ones own film.” – Amazon Review

I’ve read a number of books on producing, budgeting, scheduling, etc. for film and none of them felt so useful or comprehensive.” – Amazon Review